Ambassadors Receive 45% OFF all Products.

Your followers can use your code to get 20% OFF.

Yes, anytime your discount code is used, it is automatically tracked through our tracking system. You will be able to sign in anytime to view your analytics based on your discount code and referral link. At the end of each quarter, sales are calculated, and you will receive a percentage back.

0 – 100 orders

5% of commission of gross sale                    

101- 200 orders 

7% of commission of gross sale                    

201 - 350 orders

10% of commission of gross sale                  

351 orders

15% of commission of gross sale  

There is NO minumum.

No, we just want to be able to follow your page and keep up with you and see a little bit about yourself through Instagram & Facebook.

Nope, we sponsor Gym-Goer's, Sports Athletes, Body Builders, Active People, Motocross, Basketball, Football, Soccer etc. or anyone looking to improve themselves and their overall health.