A Few Simple Ways to Help Lose Unwanted Weight

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There’s a lot of misinformation in the realm of weight loss. It seems like every month a new fad diet or the “next big thing” in exercise promises to help you melt away excess weight in as little amount of time as possible. While dieting and exercising are certainly necessary in order to lose weight, many fitness fads aren’t backed up by science.                         

If you’re looking to lose weight and you’re sick of being disappointed with your results, continue reading to find out a few weight loss tips that researchers have found to be effective.

Drink Water Before You Eat

You’ve probably heard that you need to stay hydrated to efficiently burn calories. However, drinking before meals may help you lose more weight. Research shows that drinking water can cause a 24-30% increase in your metabolism for about an hour and a half. The faster your metabolism, the more weight you’ll lose.                           

Additionally, another study showed that drinking about half a liter of water 30 minutes before eating helped people eat fewer calories and lost 44% more weight than those who didn’t drink before their meal.

Eat Lean Protein for Breakfast              

Lean proteins, such as poultry, fish, and eggs, can help you keep you healthy as well as help you lose weight.                   

Many breakfast foods are made up mostly (if not entirely) of grains. If you tend to eat a lot of carbs in the morning, you may want to rethink your meal plan. Studies have shown that people who eat lean proteins (especially eggs) generally eat fewer calories over the course of the day. Taking fewer calories in means fewer calories need to be burned for visible weight loss.                                            

Consider Intermittent Fasting                        

Intermittent fasting is, admittedly, somewhat of a fad. However, it’s a fad that has some science to back it up. Research suggests that intermittent fasting can be just as effective for weight loss as restricting calories can.  There is some good scientific evidence suggesting that circadian rhythm fasting, when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can be a particularly effective approach to weight loss, especially for people at risk for diabetes. But, keep in mind that people with underlying health problems and other conditions should be under physician supervision while trying this method of weight loss.

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